Sunday, February 3, 2008

Picture Post

Here's a picture from a long time back when I was first raw. Looks delicious, eh? I ate all that in about two and a half days (well, most of it, anyways) and yes indeed, it was
delicious. Lessee. I got some raw agave (which, I found out recently, isn't really raw), pink lady apples, zucchini, tea, rosemary, plums, limes, frozen raspberries and blackberries, kale, cabbage, grapefruit and a jalepeno.

One of the best parts of being raw, to me, is the food. It's excellent; I have rather simple tastes, and too much intense flavour can actually overwhelm me and make me feel uncomfortable. (I find that this happens in the mornings a lot, when I need milder fare. And to think that I used to eat bacon!) However, I can sure pack out a punch with food when I need to; y'all should try my
Deviled Mushrooms sometime. (I'll post a recipe as soon as I get a picture.) It's awesome; pretty much everyone likes it.

But back to raw food. At this time, I mostly eat really simple stuff since I have no dehydrator (my family, like many others, is in debt because of medical bills), that is to say, fresh fruits and vegetables with a sprinkling of nuts and seeds and sprouts when I don't manage to kill 'em. (I'm not totally useless at gardening. I grew basil once... !) Yum.

One thing you notice when you go raw is, about four days in, it's like your taste buds have suddenly acquired the ability to
taste. I'm not kidding, it sounds funny but it's true! The depth and complexity of raw when you're not eating cooked foods or animal products is absolutely amazing. My girlfriend remarked on the phone to me last night that she's started noticing that different green leafy vegetables have different tastes. And you know what? It's absolutely true. Red chard has a distinctly salty flavour; green chard is milder, and a bit sweeter. Kale is both sweet and bitter, with bitter dominating the flavour for me at the time being. Collard greens are amazing, too, because all the sweetness collects in the stems, whereas there's just a little tinge of acidic bitterness in the furthest corners of the leaves. Romaine is almost lemony, but a bit fresher, like water with just a squirt of fresh lemon juice.

And so, don't believe anyone who tells you that raw foods aren't tasty or are "boring". You'll get away with that from some people, but not with me (with me, you'll get a sharp rejoinder of, "stop poisoning your tastebuds with animal products and cooked foods and you just might get it," if you phrase it like that). Raw foods truly are amazing, and I can really see just how pre-recorded history humans could survive on a diet of raw foods, perfectly content.

Oh, and here's a more recent picture of my food intake, by the way:

Looks delicious, ใช่หรือคะ

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